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(Calin) What is the latest Australian Interest Rates Build?
I have purchased a licence but the program is running in Demonstration Mode.
Calin Professional - How do I use a stored variable rate with a credit balance?
How to move Calin Professional to a new machine.
Windows Remote Assistance - Vista & Win 7
Windows Remote Assistance - XP
What is the Australian Interest Rates option?
Calin Professional: Screen display problem
Download warnings with IE9+ and Norton Antivirus
Vista & Windows 7/8 Issues
Activation code doesn't seem to work
Lost activation (licence) code
Valuations where scheme-specific methods and factors
(Ultimate Date Calculator) Calculating court dates...

(Calin) What is the latest Australian Interest Rates Build?.

* The latest is Build 149 as at 8 June 2022.

Build Release Notes

Calin's list of supported Australian interest rates and their oldest and newest rate changes.

No.NameStartedLast Change
1Qld Magistrates Ct Pre-J 25-Feb-1993 01-Jul-2022
2WA Sup Ct Pre-J 28-Jun-1991 11-Sep-1997
3Qld Supreme Ct Pre-J 25-Feb-1993 01-Jul-2022
4Qld District Ct Pre-J 25-Feb-1993 01-Jul-2022
5NSW Supreme Ct Post-J 01-Jul-1972 01-Jul-2022
6ATO General Interest Charge 01-Jul-1992 01-Apr-2022
7ATO Late Payment 01-Jul-1992 01-Jul-1999
8Family Law Act Post-J 08-May-1987 01-Jul-2022
9Federal Court Post-J 01-Aug-1979 01-Jul-2022
10SA Magistrates Ct Post-J 06-Jul-1992 20-May-2020
11WA Magistrates Ct Pre-J 28-Jun-1991 11-Sep-1997
12WA District Ct Pre-J 28-Jun-1991 11-Sep-1997
13NSW District Ct Pre-J 01-Jul-1972 01-Jul-2022
14NSW Local Ct Pre-J 01-Jul-1972 01-Jul-2022
15NSW Supreme Ct Pre-J 01-Jul-1972 01-Jul-2022
16NSW District Ct Post-J 01-Jul-1972 01-Jul-2022
17NSW Local Ct Post-J 01-Jul-1972 01-Jul-2022
18Vic Magistrates Ct Pre-J 01-Jul-1983 01-Feb-2017
19Vic Magistrates Ct Post-J 01-Jul-1983 01-Feb-2017
20Vic County Ct Pre-J 01-Jul-1983 01-Feb-2017
21Vic County Ct Post-J 01-Jul-1983 01-Feb-2017
22Vic Supreme Ct Pre-J (PIRA) 01-Jul-1983 01-Feb-2017
23Vic Supreme Ct Post-J 01-Jul-1983 01-Feb-2017
24SA District Ct Post-J 04-Sep-2006 01-Jul-2022
25SA Magistrates Ct Pre-J 01-Jan-2000 01-Jan-2000
26SA Supreme Ct Post-J 01-Jan-1987 20-May-2020
27SA Supreme Ct Pre-J 01-Jul-2010 20-May-2020
28ACT Magistrates Ct Post-J 01-May-1986 01-Jul-2022
29ACT Supreme Ct Pre-J 01-Jan-1974 01-Jul-2022
30ACT Supreme Ct Post-J 01-Oct-1977 01-Jul-2022
31Tas Supreme Ct Pre-J 01-Jul-2010 01-Jul-2022
32Tas Supreme Ct Post-J 01-May-2000 01-Jul-2022
33NT Local Ct Post-J 01-Sep-1987 01-Jul-2022
34NT Supreme Ct Post-J 01-Sep-1987 01-Jul-2022
35Federal Ct Pre-J 01-Jan-1991 01-Jul-2022
36Fed Magistrates Ct Post-J 01-Aug-1979 01-Jul-2022
37WA District Ct Post-J 28-Jun-1991 11-Sep-1997
38WA Magistrates Ct Post-J 28-Jun-1991 11-Sep-1997
39WA Supreme Ct Post-J 28-Jun-1991 11-Sep-1997
40Qld Magistrates Ct Post-J 17-Dec-1983 01-Jul-2022
41Qld Supreme Ct Post-J 17-Dec-1983 01-Jul-2022
42Qld District Ct Post-J 17-Dec-1983 01-Jul-2022
43ACT Magistrates Ct Pre-J (<15-7-1992) 01-Jul-1981 10-Jan-2005
44ACT Magistrates Ct Pre-J (15/7/92-10/1/2005) 01-Jul-1981 10-Jan-2005
45ACT Magistrates Ct Pre-J Commenced after 9/1/2005 01-Jul-1981 01-Jul-2022
46RBA Cash Rate Target 02-Aug-1990 08-Jun-2022
47Vic Legal Profession Act 2004 08-Nov-2007 08-Jun-2022
48NSW Legal Profession Act 01-Oct-2005 08-Jun-2022
49ATO Shortfall Interest Charge 01-Apr-2005 01-Apr-2022
50ATO Base Rate of Interest 01-Jan-1971 01-Apr-2022
51ATO Div7A Benchmark Interest Rates 01-Jul-1998 01-Jul-2022
52NSW Pre-J (Using Sched 5 to 30/6/10 then CRT) 01-Jul-1972 01-Jul-2022
53ATO Interest on Early and Over Payments 01-Jan-1971 01-Apr-2022
54Qld Interest on Money Orders 01-Jul-1998 01-Jul-2022
55SA Supreme Ct Pre-J (UCR Only) 01-Jan-1980 01-Jan-1980

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I have purchased a licence but the program is running in Demonstration Mode..

This will be because you have not entered the activation code properly. Please follow the steps given in the email that was sent to you.

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Calin Professional - How do I use a stored variable rate with a credit balance?.

Some stored variable rates are internally designated as applying only to debit balances. This means if you choose one of these when the balance is in credit (negative) the calculation will not work because the rate will be 0%.

The solution is to (a) enter the amount as a negative (b) choose the stored variable rate you want - but as the DEBIT rate (c) For the credit rate choose 'Same as debits'.

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How to move Calin Professional to a new machine..

Moving your software to another machine is a matter of:

  1. Downloading and installing the software to the new machine.
  2. Entering your existing activation code.
  3. Moving any files you've created across.

For steps 1 and 2, re-follow the instructions given to you when you purchased your licence. Note - the installation instructions will have given you a direct download-link - you do not have to go via the slower downloader-registration procedure on the website.

Step 3 - Data Migration/Backup.

After installing your software on a new machine you may want to move your data (i.e. calculation files and any custom rates files) files as well.

You need to copy the files from their location on the old machine to their location on the new one. Note - the default locations will be different on XP versus Vista/Win 7 systems.

You may have been saving these in a location of your choice in which case you will know where they are already - but if you have been letting Calin save them to the default location you may not. Here's how to find them.

Calin has a default location for saving these, so it just a matter of finding them and moving them to the corresponding location on the new machine.

If you start Calin on each machine then you can find the exact file locations through the help menu. Note - this requires a relatively up-to-date version of Calin:

Help | Problem solving | Show file locations

Look for 'My calculations' and 'My rates'.

Alternatively, see if you can find them in these usual locations:

Calculation files
Windows XP

Vista/Win 7

Custom Interest Rate files
Windows XP

Vista/Win 7

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Windows Remote Assistance - Vista & Win 7.

If you have an insidious software problem that seems unique to your computer then our support staff are able to access your computer with your permission.

However - you need a supported version of Windows. For Vista and Windows 7 that is Professional, Business or Ultimate versions. Microsoft has not enabled support in the Home edition.

Please see this Microsoft Artcle for more information.

There are two steps. Firstly you have to turn on the Remote Desktop. Secondly you have to send an invitation.

Turning on Remote Desktop

Right-click the 'Computer' item in the start menu, then click 'Properties'

Choose the 'Remote' tab then make the settings shown below.

Click the 'Advanced' button and make the settings shown below.

Sending an Invitation

Carry out the following steps while we are on the telephone with you.

type 'remote desktop' in the Start menu seacrch box, then click 'Windows Remote Desktop".

Click "Invite someone you trust to help you"

Choose "Use Easy Connect"

Tell us the Easy Connect password.

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Windows Remote Assistance - XP.

Windows XP Only. If you have an insidious software problem that seems unique to your computer then our support staff are able to access your computer with your permission.

There are three steps. Firstly you have to turn on the Remote Desktop. Then you have to configure the firewall. Finally you have to send an invitation.

Please follow the instructions in this Microsoft Article.

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What is the Australian Interest Rates option?.

This option for all Calin programs includes automated updates for the following 46 rates. The list grows from time to time. All Calin programs automatically retrieve the latest rates from the Internet so you do not have to manually do anything to stay up to date.

ACT Magistrates Ct Post-J
ACT Magistrates Ct Pre-J (15/7/92-10/1/2005)
ACT Magistrates Ct Pre-J (<15-7-1992)
ACT Magistrates Ct Pre-J Commenced after 9/1/2005
ACT Supreme Ct Post-J
ACT Supreme Ct Pre-J
ATO Base Rate of Interest
ATO Div7A Benchmark Interest Rates
ATO General Interest Charge
ATO Interest on Early and Over Payments
ATO Shortfall Interest Charge
Family Law Act Post-J
Fed Magistrates Ct Post-J
Federal Court Post-J
Federal Ct Pre-J
NSW District Ct Post-J
NSW District Ct Pre-J
NSW Legal Profession Act
NSW Local Ct Post-J
NSW Local Ct Pre-J
NSW Pre-J (Using Sched 5 to 30/6/10 then CRT)
NSW Supreme Ct Post-J
NSW Supreme Ct Pre-J
NT Local Ct Post-J
NT Supreme Ct Post-J
Qld District Ct Post-J
Qld District Ct Pre-J
Qld Interest on Money Orders
Qld Magistrates Ct Post-J
Qld Magistrates Ct Pre-J
Qld Supreme Ct Post-J
Qld Supreme Ct Pre-J
RBA Cash Rate Target
SA District Ct Post-J
SA Magistrates Ct Post-J
SA Supreme Ct Post-J
SA Supreme Ct Pre-J
Tas Supreme Ct Post-J
Tas Supreme Ct Pre-J
Vic County Ct Post-J
Vic County Ct Pre-J
Vic Legal Profession Act 2004
Vic Magistrates Ct Post-J
Vic Magistrates Ct Pre-J
Vic Supreme Ct Pre-J (PIRA)
Vic Supreme Ct Post-J

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Calin Professional: Screen display problem.

Issue: When the program starts it immediately minimises to the taskbar and refuses to be seen. This may have occured in earlier versions if the program was minimised when the computer was shutdown.

In versions from V5.1.4.24 this situation is automatically detected, but if there is still a problem then hold the Ctrl key down while the program starts to enter Safe-Mode. If you don't have the latest version then download from here.

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Download warnings with IE9+ and Norton Antivirus.

If you are using Symantic/Norton Antivirus with Windows, it may misleadingly say that the download contains a virus. The so called "virus" is potentially-defamatory with the name "WS.Reputation.1" which simply means that this is not a numerously downloaded program. You can read more about this behavior on this page, and you may want to consider something less counterproductive and free, as you could well be deprived of access to many valid internet resources in the future.

You may not be able to download the file at all if you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer 9+. IE9+ may claim the file is "not commonly downloaded". As this is a niche product, and as the executable is frequently updated to a new versioned filename, it will never be downloaded as often as say, Microsoft files. If IE9+ refuses to download it then you can either work around this misguided behavior, or use a less obstructive browser such as Firefox or Chrome.

Most importantly, please tell us, so we contact the AV service and have the build white-listed. That can be as quick as a few hours - or longer depending on the company. Once they have updated their definitions file you will no longer receive the warning message.

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Vista & Windows 7/8 Issues.

A. If the installer fails when you choose to create shortcuts for "All Users" then try again choosing "Current User Only".

B. Once installed you need to configure the compatibility mode for the program. Either right-click on the program's icon, or locate the installation directory and right click on the .exe file. Select "Properties" from the ensuing menu. Then select the Compatibility tab. Finally, select: "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" and choose "Windows XP (Service Pack 2)".

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Activation code doesn't seem to work.

1. The activation code consists of a series of alphanumeric characters surrounded by curly braces - eg {abcdef12345}. The important point is that the braces form part of the code. If you try to enter the code without the braces then the code will not work.

2. The program accesses the activation code from the Windows Clipboard - that is the name of the memory space where things are stored when you copy something using Ctrl+C. The activation code is read when you click the Update Licence button, but you must copy the activation code (including braces) immediately before doing that. If there are intervening tasks, eg starting or using a different program, then the activation code might get lost.

Calin Basic V3.7.0 If you have upgraded Calin Basic to V3.7.0 or later then old activation codes might not work. Ask us for an updated one if that happens.

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Lost activation (licence) code.

If you have lost the activation code for the program and need it because you are changing a computer, you can email for assistance. Remember that the activation code was supplied in an email - can you find the email? Search your email folders for "lawtech".

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Valuations where scheme-specific methods and factors.

SuperSolver software handles the standard family law valuations and the majority of common scheme-specific funds (see this list).

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(Ultimate Date Calculator) Calculating court dates....

QUESTION. We are looking for a calendaring system that is not too complicated. I tried to set up a trial calendar, i.e., one in which you can enter a trial date and then back date due dates for the upcoming trial. Is that possible with your program? Also we tried to set "skipped dates." Can you do that to apply to calculating dates for an appearance? I.e., can you find out when 6 court days are, meaning excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays without setting up the skipped dates for each calculation? ANSWER. Yes, UDC does all that. You can set up any number of 'skip dates' files that have numerous options - you can program to skip weekends, specific dates, days of week etc. You can create reusable case plans using the 'Plan' tool. Each step is relative to other dates that you enter. Therefore in the scenario you mention you would enter 'Trial Date' as the main reference date. You then define relative dates - eg one to file an affidavit, say 4 days before the Trial date. And so on. Once you save the plan, you can reuse it by entering the key reference date (ie Trial date here) and the rest will be calculated for you. You can even design your own reports. If you have any trouble with that then send us a few details that describe the case plan & we'll put them in a file for you. You should be able to make your own easily enough after that by using it is an example.

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