Family Law Act Post-Judgment Interest Calculator

Family Law Act Interest Calculator *

This complimentary calculator calculates interest using the current interest rate prescribed by Rule 17.03 of Family Law Rules 2004 for "paragraphs 87 (11) (b) and 90KA (b) and subsection 17B (1) of the Act". You will need Calin - Lawyer's Interest Calculator in these other situations:

  • Period involves past interest rates.
  • You need particulars of calculation for court pleadings.
  • You need to print details of the calculation.
  • Other litigation interest rates - eg Supreme Court rates.
  • Take leap years into account.
  • Compound & periodic interest.
  • Data input validation.

Caution - this page is not updated as often as Calin Software - check interest rates carefully and please advise us if the page and rates are out of date!

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